360 Mona

360 Mona

How do we define or even try to comprehend the word “ORIGINALITY,” especially in art? The ability to create greatness out of nothing; to radiate spirituality through the two-dimensional medium of a canvas; to engender faith with paint and a brush; to evoke uncharted emotions in viewers; to inspire people to appreciate humanity as well as to foster humility without articulating a single word. This is the POWER of Paubha Art: a power enabled over the centuries through faith and devotion.

This exhibition is a tribute to those unknown artists who lived thousands of years ago, who visualized spiritual mediums when they were yet abstract to us, imparted meaning to every iconograph and relayed the undeniable truth of life through their artistry. It is through Paubha that, we, common people, have been able to comprehend the complexity of our time on the Earth.

Art is a moment captured, a moment so beautiful yet so powerful in its fleetingness. A moment that can be described by infinite words—a moment that is worthy of sharing for the betterment of humanity. Art is the preservation of that moment, a moment that appeals to us to be better beings. Art is the representation of our better selves.

In the same way that we are grateful to and appreciative of these unknown artists, we must also equally value present-day artists who dedicate their lives to preserving this same faith and beauty. We live in a world of genius artists. Let us applaud and be thankful for them too, and by doing so, further encourage a new generation of artists.

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