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Web Development

We handle all the activities right from the production to the
maintenance of the websites.

Graphic Designing

At Perfect Web, we offer you the best graphic designing for your product.
We develop designs that are engaging, readable, and attractive.

3600 Videography

We have well-experienced and professional 360° videographers
to take 360° videos for your business or projects.


Our SEO team member has a good mark of enhancing the rank
of a website with specialized approaches.


We provide you various high-quality digital printing and press products
and services such as banner, booklets, calendars, brochures, id, bill,
business cards for any size business or projects.

Domain/ Hosting

We help you create the most influential online presence with a great domain
name and a hosting plan.

why us

Welcome To Perfect Web Pvt Ltd

Perfect Web Pvt Ltd is an innovative company located in Dillibazar, Kathmandu, Nepal. We are considered as one of the best IT companies in Nepal. Here at Perfect Web, we are the teams of professionals in the field of Web Development, SEO, Digital Marketing, Hosting, Content Writing, Domain Registration, 360° Videography, and Printing/Press. Within a year of the establishment, our company has experienced rapid growth and popularity in the web designing and development field. We are extremely dedicated to providing you excellent services relating to web, videography, and printing and press.

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Why are we the best choice?

Perfect Web Pvt Ltd focuses on the unique content for your projects. Every project that we have done has been able to meet the satisfaction level of our customers. They are highly satisfied with our work and our team also.

Our Services

Our Projects

Our Working Process

Project Planning

Project planning is one of the first and foremost processes of project management. This process relates to the application of schedules to plan and consequently report the development within the project context.

Project planning is done manually or by the use of project management software according to the client's requirements.

Here, at Perfect Web Pvt. Ltd., we plan every minute detail for your website. We make sure nothing goes unnoticed. We take care of your every little requirement.

The first step in any project is to understand the scope of the project. What is it that you are supposed to accomplish or produce? What is the project objective? Also, equally important is what not to include.

Then the second step is to determine the resources available. What is the budget that the client is offering for a particular project?

Thirdly, we must understand the timeline of the project. When should the project be completed? Then we would want to know the detail of the work. The minor parts of a project are even more critical, so we do not overlook it.

Then finally, we start planning for the project. Once a project is a handover to us, we organize the core team members' meeting. Then, we finalize the team members required for the project. Every team member is aware of the responsibilities they bear.

Standard Research

Our company believes in details. Every little thing matters. Soon after the project is handover to us by the clients, we perform careful and detailed research about what can be done to get the most out of the plans for the clients. We discover and document the elements of the project. We research on how the project can be completed within the allocated time, effectively and efficiently with the available resources.

Project Goal

The three project values of our organization are performance, time, and resources. We consider all these three factors while defining the project's goals. We also understand that sometimes, we might adjust goals to changes. We believe in creating SMART goals. Specific. Measurable. Actionable. Realistic. Time-bound.

The team leader lists and analyzes all the tasks that need to be accomplished in order to reach the project goals. The necessary work activities are divided into manageable units. He/She delegates the responsibilities with the other team members. We take your project goals as of our own goals. We focus on the purpose you have for your project and work based on that. The goals can be short term or long term. Our company's goal is to satisfy the user's requirements. We always put the client's contentment before anything.

Project Finish

We have completed almost every project until the date within the timeline allotted during the planning process. And we would like to keep it that way!

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